Metal buildings have become one of the most popular types of buildings on the market. There are several reasons that metal is becoming a more widely-used material but there’s no doubt that one of the main reasons is metal’s affordability. There are several types of metal buildings out there, and while they are all affordable, some are more of a value than others. If you need a new metal building, but you don’t have a huge budget, you may consider a metal pole building.

More About Pole Buildings

What is a metal pole building and why is it more affordable than other metal building options? A pole building is a building that is constructed and framed around buried metal poles as opposed to a traditional concrete foundation. Pole buildings may also be referred to as post frame construction.

In metal pole buildings, a few or up to dozens of metal poles are buried into the building’s future site to serve as the both the building’s framing, and as the building’s main foundation. Due to this construction method, there are no requirements to build a continuous or concrete foundation, the poles support the entire structure.

Why Pole Buildings are Affordable

When you take the foundation off any building project, youose the high cost of materials and labor that comes with building a foundation. Many pole buildings are also available in kits. You order the kit, and assemble the pre-fabricated pieces on the job site. This prefabrication and pre-engineering reduce the cost of materials and labor, saving you even more.

Other Benefits of Pole Buildings

  • Low-impact on surrounding environment
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Easy to finish interior
  • Easy to insulate

What Can I Use a Pole Building For?

Pole buildings were designed by farmers to serve as barns, there are now pole buildings and pole building kits for just about any use. Popular uses for pole buildings include:

  • Retail space
  • Utility shed
  • Storage space
  • Agricultural building
  • Office space
  • Churches
  • Rec Centers
  • Residences

Starting Your Own Pole Building

If a pole building looks like the structure you want, get in contact with us! We want to put our years of experience to work for you and your future pole building. Contact us through our site or call us get your project started today.

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