The future is difficult to predict. Check out any 1960s-era film that imagined the year 2000 and you’ll see more egg chairs and turtle necks than smart phones and drones. Even though it’s difficult to see the future, there are certain technologies and concepts out there right now that may be young, but could be on their way to being the new normal.

Every industry is constantly evolving and making its way into the future, including construction. There are new ideas and schools of thoughts that are happening right now that may change how most buildings are constructed and many must do with new, revamped, or expanded use of materials, like steel. Steel has been heavily used on construction for decades, but now prefabricated and pre-engineered steel buildings are eating up a large chunk of the market. Will these types of buildings become the new standard?

Are Steel Buildings the Future of Construction?

Again, the future is a difficult thing to predict, but some reasons that steel may be the future of construction are already clear. When you were a kid you probably had several toys you had to construct yourself such as Legos or erector sets, the pieces came partially built, and you assembled them. The scale is much larger but that is also essentially what you can do with steel buildings and steel building kits.

With steel buildings, you can choose from several different models or work with a steel building representative to customize your own. In traditional construction, the individual materials such as timber and brick will arrive loose and everything is put together on-site, but not steel buildings. Steel buildings come in pre-fabricated kits that are delivered directly to the job site, where the customer puts them together. With steel buildings, you are looking at dozens of individual components compared to hundreds and thousands.

This easy modular building practice has caused an increase in popularity of steel buildings. In the past steel buildings were only seen as warehouses and storage facilities but now steel buildings are being used for offices, workshops, utility buildings, and even for homes. While the future may be difficult to see, it’s easy to see why steel buildings are becoming popular. Steel’s versatility, affordability, and modular construction are setting up steel to become the future of construction.

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